The 5 Best High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Grow In 2021

Friday October 1, 2021 |
The 5 Best High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Grow In 2021


Over the years, cannabis has become a jack-of-all-trades. You can blaze these buds for either medical relief or recreational use, and there’s a range of ways in which you can take it. And there are two main cannabinoids to choose from: THC and CBD

The psychotropic nature of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) attracts those who prefer an intense high. At times, however, you want to consume cannabis but not get too stoned. That’s where high-CBD weed strains come in handy. Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a non-psychotropic compound harvested in small quantities in flower buds.

CBD offers a wide range of real and exciting benefits. Arguably best of all, it generates a lucid effect that does not bring down your productivity levels or cognitive function. You don’t experience the intense high associated with THC weed strains. Instead, you get a milder high that still allows you to tick off your everyday tasks

Whether you prefer to consume CBD flowers alone or blend them with THC buds, you can start growing your own high-CBD strains featuring different flavors and effects at home. As such, we’ve rounded up the top five cannabis strains rich in CBD to grow this year.

Benefits of Growing Your Own CBD-rich Strains

Before looking at which CBD-high strains to grow, here are some of the benefits that come with adding CBD plants in your garden or grow room.

Cost Savings on CBD Buds

Regardless of where you buy CBD flowers from, whether from a local dispensary or online, these buds don’t come cheap. Rather than staring at that half-packed baggie and wondering about its actual value, simply grow your own. A single plant can produce a sizeable yield. Growing multiple CBD varieties at a time can give you hundreds of grams of CBD-rich buds for the price of a couple of feminized marijuana seeds.

Total Quality Control

You already know the challenges that come with buying weed from a dealer or a dispensary. Some growers don’t dry and cure their plants well, making the cannabis harsh to smoke. Growing your own cannabidiol buds means that you don’t have to contend with molds in your final product. You can also deploy the best organic gardening practices to increase CBD quantity and quality, more so when selecting fertilizers and pesticides.

Never Run Out of Stash

It truly sucks when you run out of CBD buds, especially when CBD consumption is deeply engrained in your daily routine. If you’re a lover of CBD wake and bake, missing out on your morning puff as part of your breakfast could mess up your mood and energy levels. By growing your own plants, you are guaranteed a constant supply; plus, you cut out the middleman from your cannabidiol supply chain. You can light up your buds whenever you feel like it.

Amass Valuable Growing Experience

Focusing on growing CBD strains will make you a distinguished grower. You will learn about the different stages of growth, from seed germination, seedling, and flowering to harvesting. The acts of feeding, pruning, watering, and nurturing your weed plants will enhance your overall growing skills and give you another fulfilling hobby.

Best CBD-rich Strains in 2021

Without further ado, here are the best CBD seeds to add to your grow room.

CBD Girl Scout Cookies

Many home-grower enthusiasts are fond of the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. Whether you’re a commercial cultivator or a new home grower, GSC is amazingly easy to cultivate. It is an indica-dominantweed strain produced by crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush.

It is a widely popular strain owing to its euphoric effects coupled with waves of complete body relaxation. It boasts a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. As such, it produces pretty balanced effects. Just one hit of this strain will kickstart feelings of happiness, hunger, and relaxation.

GSC is best recommended for veteran cannabis users. If you’re a novice user, start slow with this strain because your body may not be used to the resulting psychoactive effects. Due to its high THC content, this sought-after strain is usually recommended for medicinal use by patients looking for fast relief from the following conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

GSC comes with a pungent, desert-like smell. In terms of taste, it is full of mint, lemon, and sweet cherry flavors. Growers note that the strain flowers into purple and green buds with glowing orange hairs. On average, it takes 9-10 weeks for Girl Scout Cookies to reach the flowering stage.


Harlequin is a smooth introduction to the cannabis world. It features a nice blend of CBD and THC, though the exact ratio is based on the cut. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing Nepali Indica, Swiss Sativa, Colombian Gold, and Thai Sativa.

This marijuana strain has a pleasant aroma of wood and soil. Some users suggest they get notes of mango as well. It offers a strong herbal flavour coupled with pine-like nuances that leave a faint sweetness on your tongue.

Harlequin grows tall, with strong branches offering support to the inbound harvest. Its massive number of flowers appears in forest green colouring. You will easily notice rusty orange hairs and amber trichomesstanding out.

Due to CBD content weighing in at 6 to 15%, using this strain shouldn’t cause you to feel an intense psychotropic high. Ideally, Harlequin uplifts your mood and makes you feel happy, energized, and relaxed, yet able to remain productive throughout the day. Thus, it is an excellent daytime joint if you wish to feel lighter and focused while doing other chores.

The strain may also get your creative juices flowing, especially if you work in the creative art industry. It can also serve as an effective sociable strain, such as when you’re just about to deliver an important speech in front of a crowd and you need something to calm your nerves down.

Harlequin is also a medical cannabis strain. It may help with:

Harlequin is ranked moderate in terms of growing difficulty. To get the most CBD-rich buds, make sure you harvest this strain early. Delays may compromise its quality.

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