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Cannabis moon rocks are essentially the “champagne” of the pot world. A few people even call them cannabis caviar.

They’re comprised of various pot items that are completely folded into one strong nug and smoked.

They turned into a thing when West Coast rapper Kurupt drew it out into the open and inevitably trademarked his own image of moon rocks.

With respect to the name, they do seem as though moon rocks. However, their capacity to send even the most prepared cannabis shopper flying additional high may have something to do with it, as well.

How are they made?

Moon rocks are made by taking a piece of weed and dunking it in or splashing it with concentrate, or hash oil.

They’re typically made with Girl Scout Cookies (the weed strain, not Thin Mints) bloom and concentrate, however can be made with any strain.

The covered piece is then rolled in kief. Kief, likewise called dust or dry filter, is the clingy precious stones that spread the cannabis blossom. This precious stone buildup contains terpenes and cannabinoids.

How solid right?

It differs from bunch to clump. The intensity relies upon how it’s made, who’s making it, and the fixings utilized.

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