Cheef Organic Bars

Cheef Organic Bars


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Cheef Organic Bars

These all characteristic, 100% natural bars are pressed with super nourishments and sound ailment battling, age resisting fixings! They include a mix of the best super organic products so you will feel overly sound and cheerful after only one nibble!

Sedate yourself the solid way attempt Cheef Naturals Organic Crunch Bar today!


This all common super natural product bar is stuffed with enacted THC and contains ailment battling super nourishments like goji berries, natural brilliant berries, natural mulberries and Cacao Nibs. Different fixings like natural dates, natural rice syrup and natural coconut sugar gives it a sweet taste that is perfect for those watching their sugar admission.

Natural CRUNCH BAR (SATIVA) 100mg

All characteristic, 100% natural crunch bar is stuffed with super nourishments and solid infection battling, age resisting fixings like natural turmeric powder, natural hemp seeds, natural chia seeds and natural amaranth just to give some examples. Different fixings like natural dates, natural rice syrup and coconut sugar gives it a sweet taste that is perfect for those watching their sugar admission.

♥ 100% Organic

♥ Vegan

♥ Gluten Free

♥ Non GMO

♥ Dairy Free

♥ No Preservatives

♥ Made with 100% Natural Sweeteners

♥ Infused with 100mg Activated THC (Hybrid)



Goji Berries: High in Antioxidants and Vitamin C, Cleans the liver and blood from Toxins, Anti-Aging Super Food, Strengthens the Immune System, Increases both physical and mental vitality, Regulates glucose levels. Helps in the Treatment of Cancer and Heart Disease.

Brilliant Berries: Filled with Antioxidants, Super-Powered Super Fruits help keep up a solid weight and avert maladies, Improves organ work.

Crude Cocoa-Nibs: Promotes sound Arteries in your heart and mind.

Dates: Helps Prevent Abdominal Cancer, Maintains a sound weight, Healthy stomach related framework, Relieve sexual dysfu nction, loose bowels, and numerous different conditions, Boosts vitality levels and increments sexual endurance.

Cayenne Powder: Kills malignancy cells in the prostate, lungs, and pancreas, Reduces glucose levels, Boost generally speaking Circulation

Mulberries: Lowers cholesterol, Aids in weight reduction endeavors, Builds Bone Tissue, Boost the Immune framework, forestalls certain malignancies, hinders the maturing procedure, brings down circulatory strain, Improves your general Metabolism.

Brasil Nuts: Helps the recuperating and fix of your skin, support heart wellbeing, balances hormones, Lowers danger of malignant growth, help male richness, Reduce the indications of maturing.

Himalayan Salt: The most regular type of ocean salt, Regulates the water content all through your body, Promotes solid pH balance in your cells, Lowers Blood Pressure

Cinnamon: Contains Many Antioxidants, Natural Anti-Inflammatory that may help bring down the danger of malady. Diminishes fasting glucose levels for diabetics, may have defensive impacts against malignancy.

Moved Oats: Lowers Cholesterol (useful for diabetics), Reduces the danger of Heart Disease and Cancer, Lowers High Blood Pressure, Contain no sugar, cholesterol or sodium.

Cooked Cashews: sans cholesterol, Can bring down your cholesterol levels,and give a decent wellspring of dietary fiber and phytosterols.



Turmeric Powder: Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth, Improves Liver Function, Lowers Cholesterol, Anti-fiery, Helps Prevent Heart malady, Relieves Osteoarthritis torment and Helps to forestall Diabetes.

Hemp Seeds: Reduces the danger of Heart Disease, Benefit Skin Disorders, a Great Source of Plant-Based Protein, Reduce Symptoms of PMS and Menopause, Aid Digestion, Helps with Losing Weight Naturally.

Chia Seeds: A Super Food conveying gigantic Nutrients to help the Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Antioxidants, and Omega-3s in your eating regimen, Regulates Blood Sugar and brings down Cholesterol levels, Causes Major Improvements in Type 2 Diabetics.

Vanilla Pod Powder: Powerful Antioxidant, Reduces irritation, Calms stomach torments, Relieve pressure, A Natural Aphrodisiac for men.

Sunflower Seeds: A Rich wellspring of Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Oils. Advances Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Controls cell harm in this manner forestalls malignancy.

Walnuts: Helps lower “terrible” cholesterol, Packed with in excess of 19 nutrients and minerals, Filled with Age Defying Antioxidants

Coconut Sugar: Less Fructose, More Nutritious then normal sugar. It’s low Glycemic list settles on it a superior decision for individuals with Diabetes

Rice Syrup: High in a few minerals, No fructose, Has B-nutrients that are useful for your hair, nails and psychological wellness.

Cashews: An Abundant wellspring of basic Minerals, Helps lower pulse, Found to help forestall gallstones, Lowers the danger of weight gain, Helps lower cholesterol, Benefits your general Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health.

Amaranth: Huge wellspring of fundamental Vitamins and Minerals and basic amino acids, including Lysine which has clinically demonstrated potential for malignant growth treatment. Helps treat cardiovascular ailment. Diminishes cholesterol levels and brings down circulatory strain.



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Hybrid- Fruit 100MG, Hybrid- Fruit 200MG, Sativa-Crunch 100MG, Sativa-Crunch 200MG


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