Vape and Cartridges

Our growing selection of vape pens offers you a discreet and safe way to consume cannabis without all the harsh smoke from the flowers that often leaves a lingering taste in your mouth. There are many disposable pens, vape kits, and vape cartridges available. Lost your battery? Check out our batteries section.

We have a wide range of vape cartridges from many premium cannabis brands. They range from brands such as 91 Supreme, Green Supreme. Every brand has their own line of strains so make sure you check them all out.

Our collection of disposable vape pens consists only of premium brands chosen by cannabis connoisseurs. There are many strains available from different brands. All of these vape pens range from different IndicaSativa, and Hybrids. Each vape pen has different terpenes, so make sure to try them all.

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